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Campaign Status

To see the status of your ad campaign:
  1. Go to your Amazon Marketing Services account: http://ams.amazon.com
  2. Sign in with your KDP email and password
  3. On the "Advertising Campaigns" dashboard, your campaign name, status, and performance metrics

Ad status definitions

Status Meaning
Activating/ProcessingYour campaign has been approved, and will soon be running or ready.
Ad groups not runningNo ad group under this campaign is running.
ASIN not buyableThe campaign has been paused because the associated ASIN is no longer buyable.
Billing errorThe campaign has been paused due to a failed payment transaction. Please double-check your payment card information.
EndedThe campaign has passed the end date.
Landing page not availableThe campaign has been paused because the associated landing page is no longer available.
Out of budgetThe campaign is out of budget.
PausedCampaign has been approved but ads are not currently active because the campaign is paused.
PendingModerators are reviewing the ad you submitted, to ensure that it adheres to our ad guidelines
ReadyYour campaign is active and will begin running on scheduled start date
RejectedYour ad was rejected by moderators. Your may update and re-submit once you make sure it meets the Amazon Creative Acceptance policies.
RunningYour campaign is active and your ad is ready to display.
SuspendedThe campaign is stopped and ads are not currently eligible for display. Most likely, there is an issue with the requirements to publish an ad.
TerminatedYou cancelled your campaign.

Ads with low relevance

To ensure an ad is both interesting to our customers and effective to advertisers like you, we actively compare it with similar ads to determine if it’s relevant. Relevance is determined in part by customer click-through rates, so if too few customers are clicking an ad, the campaign can be stopped and you will receive an email with suggestions on how to improve relevancy.

If your campaign is stopped, we highly encourage you to create a new campaign with an eye towards more specific interests and products your potential customer’s would likely have.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of your ad:
  • Refine your targeting options
  • Ensure your book’s cover, title, and price appeal to customers
  • Add ratings and reviews

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