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Old Sales Reports

Note: The KDP Reports Beta is now your main KDP reporting experience. If you haven't used the new reports, we encourage you to try them here: https://kdpreports.amazon.com/

The old reports will continue to be available for a limited time. We'll notify you before we remove them.

There are eight kinds of reports available in your KDP account. Click the links below to learn more about each report.

ReportWhat you'll see in it
Sales Dashboard Orders, sales, and Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) read for the past 90 days.
HistoricalYour historical sales and KU data up to the month of the most recently released Prior Months’ Royalty report.
Month-to-DateYour unit sales transactions and KENP read for the current or prior month.
PaymentsInformation about your payments for sales and KENP read.
Pre-ordersUnits ordered for books you have made available for pre-order.
PromotionsThe performance of your Kindle Countdown Deals promotions.
Prior Months’ RoyaltiesYour royalties by month.
Ad CampaignsIf you already registered your Amazon Advertising account, go to the Marketing tab and in the Amazon Advertising field, select the marketplace you’d like to access and click Create a Campaign. You’ll be redirected to the Amazon Advertising site, where you can see the campaign reporting.

Important: If you list a book for pre-order, it will release at midnight, Eastern time, in the U.S. Since other U.S. time zones will not have reached midnight, you may notice sales activity from the day before your selected release date. This is expected behavior for pre-order sales.

To learn more about how royalty payments are calculated, see these Help pages:

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